Balsamic roasted beetroot with ash rolled goats’ cheese


This is my interpretation of one of my favourite classic combos, roasted beetroot and goats’ cheese. I love how the caramelisation from the balsamic on the beetroot adds to the vibrant flavour of the juicy flesh and when combined with the goats’ cheese creates a mouthwateringly tangy-creamy combo. The ash on the goats’ cheese compliments the beetroot very well adding to the earthy notes of the beets.

This is a great dish to serve as a starter when entertaining or simply as a weekend treat. It’s low fuss, packed full of flavour, full of nutrients and light on the wallet while it’s at it.

The watercress adds a welcome peppery note and the purple basil complements the beetroot perfectly on the plate but more importantly on the palate. Served with an ice cold, crisp and fruity Grüner Veltliner you’ll be on to an absolute winner. Enjoy! Continue reading “Balsamic roasted beetroot with ash rolled goats’ cheese”

Hot Smoked Salmon with chilli and garlic kale


This delicious and nutritious salmon dish makes for a great weekend lunch or light meal any night of the week. It’s packed with healthy goodness, looks great and packs a proper punch while it’s at it. It’s quick, simple and perfect when you’re in the mood for something killer but you don’t have the time or you’re simply just knackered. I’d take this over a take away any day of the week and you’ll feel great to boot. If you can’t get a hold of hot smoked salmon then try it with pan-seared salmon fillets, you really can’t go wrong. Continue reading “Hot Smoked Salmon with chilli and garlic kale”

Clucking great spatchcock chicken with Mediterranean roast veg


I absolutely love a spatchcock chicken. It’s my favourite way to cook a whole bird. It’s super easy and proper delicious. Ideally, I’d be doing this on the bbq but for a no fuss alternative the oven is very nearly just as good and you certainly won’t hear any complaints. All you need to do is remove the backbone with a pair of sharp scissors or a sharp knife (or get your butcher to do it), flatten the breasts and marinate to your heart’s content. The marinading options are endless and I dare say I’ll be posting a few more of my favs as time goes by but, for now, here’s my “clucking great spatchcock chicken” in all it’s glory. Continue reading “Clucking great spatchcock chicken with Mediterranean roast veg”



Hello and welcome to Feed me! Feed me! Feed me! I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I started this blog. When I’m thinking about food, in a restaurant or planning to cook, I’m not simply looking for sustenance, I’m in pursuit of pleasure. Whether it’s getting a health high from hot smoked salmon aside chilli garlic kale and avocado or indulging in a juicy rump steak aside baked camembert with rocket salad, sliced buttered baguette and lashings of Malbec, for me, it’s all about getting the endorphins flowing and the flavours singing. Continue reading “Welcome”